A Look at ‘Accessories by Wirefly’

February 3rd, 2007 | Posted in Reviews, Shopping | Comments Off on A Look at ‘Accessories by Wirefly’

Accessories by Wirefly is
a site specializing in cellphone accessories, ranging from chargers,
batteries and memory to wireless
signal boosters
and headsets. It is a branch of the Wirefly mobile
site that is selling cellphones
and calling plans from the full variety of carriers and manufacturers.

They’ve stayed away from a lot of flashy graphics and opted for a fairly
clean design of a white background and easy to read text in a nice black
font, a big relief from the light gray on white design that so many
sites have been using lately.

The site is set up so that you first identify the phone you’re using so
that you can shop specifically from those things that will actually work
with it.  I went looking for an FAQ page and found that the help page
turned out to be a series of common questions and answers.  If that
doesn’t help, there is a contact link on the bottom of every page that
will let you submit your question for an answer by email.

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