You’ve heard of natural born failures and natural born killers and especially natural born losers?  Well, Here in Nutjob Hills we have somebody that’s one of the more rare natural born dogooder.

This guy just can’t help *always* finding a way to know about and be present to do something about a need, the more urgent it is the more likely he’ll do his absolute best to show up in the nick of time seemingly out of nowhere.

Thing is, I think that he’s starting to get more extreme.  Not only has he recently had his name changed to Clark Kent, he’s also taken a job at the local newspaper as an investigative reporter.  He’s also been going beyond his genuine desire to do good, he’s moving into actively fighting “the forces of evil”.  He’s even taken to appearing “in costume”.

You see, he’s got quite a collection of vintage t shirts.  Among them are several of them that are blue with the classic red “S” on the front.  Lately he’s taken to wearing one of those and blue jeans complete with a yellow belt.

I can’t help but wonder how long it’s going to take him to swap that for the full set of tights, red shorts and add a cape.

Of slightly more concern is the guy I saw in town the other day.  He was a tallish bald man with a most determined look on his face.  He had parked in front of a medium sized warehouse and was taking a box of green crystals out of his car.  Green crystals that seem to glow with a light of their own.

What do you suppose they are?

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