Even though summer is officially over and the weather is beginning to turn toward the long awaited cooler days of Autumn there is still something of an insect problem going on.  Oh, it’s not anything like what it was two months ago but they’re still around even though it is in smaller numbers (finally!).

Mostly though, I’m thinking ahead to next spring when the weather warms up and the foul little beasties start appearing and multiplying like crazy and generally making life miserable for anybody that happens to be unfortunate enough to live in an area where there’s a lot of them.

I particularly hate the way they’re attracted to light.  If I turn on my carport light and go outside at night it means walking into a cloud of every kind of bug imaginable.

It’s the kind of problem that ensures the sale of every kind of anti-bug technology known to man from the simple fly swatter to citronella candles, fly paper, insecticides and so on.

solar pest killer bug zapperThe bad thing about all those different means of dealing with insects is that they all have problems.  For example when was the last time you tried to actually hit something with a fly swatter?  Oh you might get something once in a while but in my experience, 90% of the time the fly swatter doesn’t do more than move the air around a bit.

Citronella candles?  No thanks, I can’t stand the smell of them and you have to babysit them and start a new one when it goes out.  Insecticides?  No thanks.  I’m not even remotely interested in adding God knows what kind of toxins to my home and yard.  And Fly paper has got to be the stickiest mess ever.  No thank you!

The one means of controlling bug populations that I like best is things like this Solar Pest Killer Bug Zapper.  There’s several reasons why I like this kind of solution.

1, No toxins needed and therefore no risk of somebody being affected by ’em for any reason.

2, Not nearly as much babysitting or tending is needed.

3, This one is solar powered.  The batteries charge during the day and then it’s ready for up to six hours of bug-zapping

4, Finally, say what you like but it’s actually kinda entertaining on an otherwise boring evening to sit back and watch as mosquitoes and other bugs are attracted to it’s UV light and get zapped with a thousand volts of pest control.

(I can just picture a little mosquito version of Gollum telling the others “Don’t follow the lights.”)

Hrm.. guess I’ve got another thing to add to my Christmas list.  *cackle*

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