John is one of those guys that, if you listen to him talk, you’ll be convinced that he’s going to have a great career inventing all sorts of thing that will make life easier, more affordable and generally better.

He’s the local kid that came up with a formula that involved aspirin and skin toner which he claims cured his acne.  (Personally I think he just grew out of it) He’s the same kid that has been working on a cheap, low power heated blanket because while he loves to go ice fishing in the winter, he hates the cold.

The thing is, I honestly can’t imagine how he’s going to get a significant amount of heat out of a couple of triple-A batteries.  He talks like those two little cells are going to power this thing well enough that it will keep the wearer at a nice toasty 70 degrees no matter how bad it is outside.

I think he’s in for a cold awakening.

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