There are some genuinely odd things going on these days.  Not only is Nutjob Hills’ very own professional superhero wannabe rapidly becoming a rather busy and increasingly visible person, there’s other increasingly strange things going on.

For one thing, there has been an increase in shady, odd, or otherwise just plain suspicious characters in town.  There’s a guy running a laundry service that’s known only as “the cleaner”, whose shop keeps some of the oddest, irregular hours that I’ve ever heard of.  There’s another guy that’s opened up an electronics store that is apparently only open a few days a week.  The rest of the time there’s a lot of coming and going through the shop’s back door and in the hours between midnight and dawn some really strange lights can be seen in the windows.

So far there hasn’t been any explanation that makes sense but I’m pretty sure that most of these guys are up to no good.

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