TX: Restaurant cameras keep tabs on workers, customers

February 3rd, 2007 | Posted in Last Days, Privacy, Security | Comments Off on TX: Restaurant cameras keep tabs on workers, customers

When is enough too much? Perhaps when it means that "Big Brother" is
watching you each lunch. It’s the latest thing in people that feel it’s
necessary to watch people in all sorts of situations.

The problem with this ever increasing level of video surveillance is
that as time goes by people will stop considering it to be the invasion
of privacy that it is. And of course, every time somebody objects to yet
more of "Big Brother’s" need to watch and supervise more and more
aspects of our lives, some idiot trots out the tired old "If you don’t
have anything to hide you shouldn’t object."

The problem with it is not that I or anyone else has anything to hide,
it’s that I or anyone else has a right to expect privacy. We have the
right to go about our daily lives without being watched by "Big Brother".

Restaurant cameras keep tabs on workers, customers

From his compact office next to boxes of jalapeños and banana
peppers, Tom Chapman can watch nearly every move his workers make.

An information technology wonk turned restaurateur, Mr. Chapman has
installed digital cameras at his eight Subway restaurants. He sees
himself more as a smart businessman than as "Big Brother."

And while some privacy advocates may grimace, growing numbers of
restaurateurs today are viewing things through the same lens.

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