When it comes to clothes, fashion and the concept of “dressing for success”, most of the people of Nutjob Hills aren’t very different from people anywhere else.  Mr Cramden is one of the more notable exceptions.

He believes that instead of following all of the latest “power fashions” that one should keep things simple and functional.  His wardrobe consists of basic variations on the t-shirt, jeans & tennis shoes for days off around the house.  For work it’s basic solid color shirts, conservative sweaters, slacks and basic black dress shoes as opposed to the more expensive so-called “elite power fashions” that so many people seem to favor these days.

Over the years there have been people that have tried to convince him to “get with the times” but he has no need to, being quite comfortable (and successful) with what he’s been doing for years.

The secret, he says, is to keep things simple, comfortable and concentrate on doing the job right instead of trying to rely on fashion to get you there.  Makes a whole lot of sense to me.

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