There’s been an increasing number of sightings of streakers plaguing Nutjob Hills lately.  Thus far there have been no signs of any reason for this outbreak of exhibitionism other than the fact that it’s happening.

As far as I can find out so far it apparently started about three weeks ago when Ethyl, the night manager at a local gas station saw a man dressed in nothing but a pair of Puma shoes and a smile run up to the gas pumps, stopped to wave and smile at her and then ran off into the night.

Since then there have been more sightings, becoming more frequent all the time.  One common thing about this is that Ethyl is almost always somewhere nearby when it happens.  Another is that after the first five times the appearance of the streaker has been accompanied by the sound of an unknown man shouting “Don’t Look Ethyl!”

Police have so far been unable to apprehend or identify the streaker.

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