Here’s another story about yet another Police department putting up
cameras. Of course the Toronto police department assures everyone that
they’ll not be using this camera system for anything but deterring crime.

In reality on the other hand, it’s entirely too hard to believe that
whoever is monitoring these cameras isn’t going to be watching
everything the cameras can see. Especially after they’ve been on the job
for a while and begin to get bored watching the same old thing all the

Instead, sooner or later somebody’s going to start pointing those
cameras at open windows and engaging in some modern day remote control
voyeurism.  I know it certainly wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened.

Street cameras won’t be snooping

Toronto Police last night offered assurances that surveillance
cameras will be used to deter crime, not snoop on people.While the
plan to deploy 15 cameras in three parts of the city has generated
plenty of public debate only a handful of people turned out last night
for a public meeting on the issue at West Toronto Collegiate on
Lansdowne Ave.

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