I remember back when we first looked at this house a few days before we began moving in back in December of 2001.  One of the first things I saw when entering the house for the first place was a set of brass and glass Fireplace doors.  At first my wife and I considered this a good thing because the place we were moving out of had a fireplace and we had used it a lot to save on heating costs.

It didn’t take long however to learn the difference in this one.  The old place had a cast iron wood burning stove fireplace insert.  This made for a very effective fireplace.  on even the coldest of nights it didn’t take long to heat the house to a roasting temperature with only a few logs.

This new fireplace wasn’t so equipped.  There was no insert.  It took us only a few tries to realize that this fireplace had to be primarily intended as a decoration.  It was meant to look good.  In fact, most of the heat from a fire in it ended up going straight up the chimney, making it almost a total waste of time to use it.  After that we closed it up and then sealed it off with a layer of plastic and almost a whole roll of duct tape.

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