Joe-Bob is, as far as you could tell at first meeting, vey much an average southern “gold old boy” type.  He has a family, works hard through the week, and then parties hard on the weekends.  He watches football, drinks plenty of beer, and is gradually teaching his sons to be just like him.

The one thing that’s a bit “different” about him is that he almost always has an incredible amount of stuff with him.  If there’s something that he thinks he might need, he’ll find a way to keep it with him.  The thing is, he carries so much stuff that he’s got to have something to carry it all in.

His solution is promotional tote bags.  The reasons for this are several.  For one thing, being a southern good old boy, he’s never going to be caught dead carrying a purse.  His wife can barely get him to bring her purse to her from across the room, never mind out in public.  He won’t carry a briefcase.  He tried that a few years ago and he caught so much crap from his friends saying he was trying to look like a New York banker that he got rid of the thing quickly.

He finally settled on the tote bags because they seem to fall somewhere in the middle and are therefore acceptable.  He gets them free from various places so he’s almost always carrying a bag that has the manufacturer name of some product that he and his buddies use.  This changes it to something that’s “cool” enough that he doesn’t get and crap over it.  In fact, lately more and more of his friends have been asking him where to get them and it’s starting to look like he’s going to go into business selling them.

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