NYT sues Pentagon over domestic spying

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The New York Times sued the U.S. Defense Department on Monday demanding that it hand over documents about the National Security Agency’s domestic spying program.

All I can say here is A) I hope NYT wins, and B) I’ll be interested to read those documents, I hope NYT publishes them if they win. This really IS a case of “The people have a right to know”

Iran expanding uranium enrichment work: IAEA

VIENNA (Reuters) – Iran is forging ahead with a nuclear fuel enrichment program in defiance of world pressure and stonewalling U.N.  probes spurred by fears it secretly wants atomic weapons, a U.N.  watchdog report said on Monday.

Iran with Nuclear weapons. Now that’s a thought that’ll spark bomb shelter sales all over Israel.

Bird flu hits poultry markets but officials hopeful

PARIS (Reuters) – France began vaccinating thousands of geese and ducks against avian flu on Monday and Niger became the second West African country to be hit by the virus, spreading among birds at unprecedented speed.

I don’t know what those officials are hopeful about. This avian flu has so far turned out to be one of the most virulent, deadly, fastest spreading varieties since the 1918 version.

So far, It’s spread from China, all over Asia, into the Middle-East, and now it’s showing up in Europe. It’s got a really high mortality rate and efforts to contain outbreaks have resulted in millions of birds having to be destroyed.

From what I’ve read on it and flu viruses in general it looks like it’s only a matter of time before it spreads to humans. Once it does, Today’s fast paced traveling culture is going to have it showing up all over the planet within weeks of the first human infection. Remember, When a person first contracts flu, they’re actually very contagious for anywhere from 1 to 7 days before they even develop symptoms.

Can any one say “Captain Trips”?

…I knew you could.

“Qaeda escapee” says will take fight to US soil

DUBAI (Reuters) – A Web site often used by militants posted a video tape on Monday in which a purported al Qaeda escapee from a U.S.  airbase in Afghanistan vowed to fight Americans in Iraq and the United States.

To the al Qaeda escapee who thinks he’s going to bring his fight here, I’m reminded of the scene at the end of Dirty Harry where he asks the punk if he feels lucky.

Well, DO YA, PUNK?

Just where is this website that militants are posting video tapes and threats? Not that I would EVER want to support them in any way, but still … sometimes it’s good to see something for yourself. Especially when it’s evidence of Evil.

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