George and Gracie are a couple that’s moved recently to Nutjob Hills.  Their move was an unusual one because it took them a long time to find the house they wanted.  This is because they insisted on a home that had nothing but large windows in every room.  That sounds reasonable enough but the catch is that there had to be faux wood blinds on each of them.

Never mind that they have the option of real wood or faux wood blinds, sheer fabric blinds, bamboo blinds and a host of others all available in a variety of colors and textures. Including several varieties that block of the ultraviolet light, they still insist on the faux wood blinds regardless.

I’m not sure why it is they insisted on this feature but my friend at Nutjob Hills Realty told me that they were most adamant about it. They’d give some on most any other feature but this one they stood rock solid, insisting on exactly what they wanted.

He finally ended up talking the owners of a house that fit every other requirement they had into letting him pay to have the blinds installed so that they could close the deal.

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