In what can only be described as a mass invasion of privacy, it is being reported that TiVo has been selling data about it’s users habits.

If I had a TiVo unit, I would either disconnect it entirely or at least disable (if possible) it’s ability to call home.  I recommend that anyone who DOES have one, give serious thought to doing just that.

TiVo Selling Data on Users’ Watching Habits

Gyppo writes “The San Francisco Chronicle reports that TiVo is collecting and selling data on what parts of broadcasts people are rewinding for review and what commercials they are skipping. The data collection is part of a service the company provides to advertisers and television networks, collecting anonymous data on their users’ commercial-watching habits. The data they provide is a random subset of their overall userbase, detailing which commercials are skipped and which are actually watched. The article mentions the possibility for privacy abuse, but with this application of technology Tivo is not providing access to what any one individual user watches via the service.”

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