A “Backup Party” is what I call an event where I take a day or two, possibly even three, to get all of my important files backed up so that I don’t face the chance of losing them if something catastrophic were to happen.

The problem is that it has been WAY too long since the last time I did this.  A big part of the reason why is that, around here at least, it’s bloody rare that I find blank dual layer DVD’s on sale.  Oh, I could go with the single layer disks and I suppose that I should but the thing is that it would take twice as many of them to hold the data and I really don’t have the money to throw around for that.

Double layer media typically only costs a little more than single layer and has twice the capacity.  That way I could do a much better job of organizing my files.  Besides, there’s another reason for wanting double layer DVd’s, I also want to make some DVD’s of my video productions.  This is partly because I just want them and partly because I want to be able to share certain parts of this collection of videos with family members who are currently unable to see them on youtube because they only access the internet by way of their phones and they aren’t wealthy enough to have the kind of smartphones that are capable of watching youtube videos.

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