Bride Downloads?

February 7th, 2007 | Posted in Internet | Comments Off on Bride Downloads?

Most people have at least heard of so called "mail order brides", an old
practice where for a fee, people literally get connected by mail and
perusing catalogs with pictures and stats about women, typically

Well, Now it seems that this concept, like so many others, has been
modernized and brought into the digital age. Now, instead of sending for
a catalog of women and doing business by mail, it’s all done on the web
and through email exchanges.

I can see how it’s possible for people to decide they’ve got a
relationship worth expanding after a long time (I mean a year or more,
not a couple days of emails or forum posts.) of back and forth
exchanges, but the people setting up these exchanges claim it’s genuine
and that when you see a website offering to connect you with russian
mail order brides
, they’re saying that they can really connect you
to somebody halfway around the world whom you will end up in a
successful, lasting relationship.  I can’t see it myself, I’m just old
fashioned enough to think that real relationships involve real meetings
with real people.

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