So much for ‘global warming’

February 7th, 2007 | Posted in Misc Assorted General Stuff, News, Technology | Comments Off on So much for ‘global warming’

You can say anything you like about it, but I believe that when you
start seeing weather forecasters talk about this being the coldest
February since the 1970’s, it kinda pulls the rug out from under the
whole ‘global warming’ thing.

Frankly, when I see overnight temps in the low teens for weeks on end
and my joints are so stiff from the cold that literally every bone in my
body hurts, ‘global warming’ is a joke and a bad one at that.

I honestly think that if scientists would spend less time crying about
global warming and more time developing things like REALLY fuel
efficient cars, Alternative, clean burning fuels like hydrogen, solar
power and so on, then the whole global warming thing would be less of a

Really, you want less greenhouse gasses generated?  Then don’t just
whine about it in Washington and try to legislate it, develop cleaner,
cheaper ways to get things done.  As long as you stick to cheaper
(meaning less expensive to the end user than the current way of doing
things.) people will beat a path to your door.  You’ll help the
environment and make a fortune all a the same time.

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