Since I started my efforts to lose weight almost a year ago, I’ve done a LOT of reading on the subject and I’ve looked over quite a lot of weight loss aids and I think I’ve discovered something rather interesting.

Specifically I’m talking about so-called diet pills.  These pills are almost always some combination of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements that are formulated to help you lose weight.  However since my doctor prescribed Lasix I’ve come to the conclusion that, in a way, Lasix is one of the best weight loss pills around.  I say this because I can weigh myself first thing in the morning, take my Lasix, and then weigh myself again two or three hours later and I will have lost anywhere from four to eight pounds just because of the diuretic action of the Lasix.

Granted, this is by NO means a great way to lose weight, however it does make sense to arrange for official weigh ins to be a few hours after taking it.  and of course, one should never take something like that if it’s not been prescribed.  If it is though, there no sense in not taking advantage of it.

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