You know the old saw “when it rains it pours”?  Well here in Nutjob Hills it’s especially true.  Most especially when it comes to know-it-all teenage kids.  I mean it’s like he’s barely out of diapers and he’s dead certain that there is nothing on this Earth that he doesn’t know.  If you were to believe this arrogant as hell attitude he carries around you’d expect him to have a direct phone line to God.

I had no sooner ended one argument with this twerp than a few hours later I found myself in another one.  This time he’s telling me that Coke is a powerful weight loss aid because it’s got high levels of phentermine in it.  It doesn’t matter that I got a can of Coke and showed him the ingredients list and asked him to show me where it said phentermine.  It doesn’t matter that it’s NOT on the ingredients list and that according to FDA rules it would have to be, he insists that not only is it in there, there’s enough of it to make it unnecessary to buy bottles of the stuff, just drink a can of Coke every day instead.

It was about this time I started asking him if he had some kind of promotional deal with the Coca Cola company that might explain his sudden desire to promote the stuff any way he could.

After about two hours of this he finally shut up and left so that I could eat my lunch in peace.

By then it was cold and I didn’t want it anymore.

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