Microsoft’s own antivirus fails to secure Vista

February 7th, 2007 | Posted in Internet, News, Security, Software | Comments Off on Microsoft’s own antivirus fails to secure Vista

This is actually almost funny. If it weren’t for the potential flood of
problems that this failure could, and probably will cause, it would be

Microsoft’s own anti-virus program, ‘Live OneCare’ failed a really
important test.

own antivirus fails to secure Vista

Microsoft’s own antivirus software, Live OneCare, is unable to
fully protect Vista users against viruses, and one of security firm
McAfee’s antivirus software packages also fails to protect users,
according to independent research released Friday.

What they did was take a set of viruses that are currently loose on the
internet and test several anti-virus packages. In order to pass, the
software tested had to detect all of the viruses without any false

But out of the 15, four failed: Microsoft Live OneCare 1.5; McAfee
VirusScan Enterprise version 8.1i; G DATA AntiVirusKit 2007
v17.0.6353; and Norman VirusControl v5.90. The other 11, including
software from CA, Fortinet, F-Secure, Kaspersky, Sophos and Symantec,
detected all the viruses.

So If you’ve just made (in my opinion) the mistake of upgrading to
vista, you want to be real sure about your anti-virus solution. Make
sure it’s not one of those that failed and of course, be sure that it’s
definitions are up to date.

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