With the rapid approach of Black Friday the season that retailers love the most is nearly upon us.  Things are no different here in Nutjob Hills.  Merchants are loading up on stock, setting up sales, and getting ready for what they hope will be the biggest profits of the year.

The one big difference is that here in Nutjob Hills, some of the ‘sales’ are a bit odd and some of them are downright strange.  For example there’s the dress shop that’s stocking up for what they expect will be a record day for the sale of prom dresses.  Never mind the fact that I at least have never heard of *anybody* buying something like that at this time of year.  That’s normally a spring kind of thing as far as I’ve always known.

But then again, this fall I saw Christmas items start showing up in the stores during late September which is earlier than I’ve ever seen ’em show up before.

Personally, I prefer not to move quite so fast as all that.

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