While it is true that Nutjob Hills does in fact have much more than it’s fair share of oddballs, weirdos, and outright whackjobs, there are plenty of people and other things in this “community of the unique” that are perfectly normal (at least on the surface).

For example, most people wouldn’t consider the church of the Holy Cheese Burrito to be anything even resembling normal, just a couple blocks down the road from it is the First Baptist Church.  It looks just like any of tens of thousands of such churches across America, The pastor preaches sermons that are themed very much along the lines of classic Baptist sermons that people have come to expect over the last hundred years or more.  They hold baptism ceremonies and have a tight focus on the salvation message.

They’ve even got an active missions program that lately has been rearranging it’s focus on reaching the muslim populations of the world with the Gospel.  They’re looking at some level of partnering with Persian Ministries, an organization that for some time has specialized in that very type of outreach.  It’s called persian because most of what we now know of as Iran and Iraq were once part of ancient Persia and those countries are home to millions of muslims that they’re trying to reach.

Of course, the church is also very active in local affairs as well, not only does part of their outreach program focus on the church of the Holy Cheese Burrito and it’s followers, they’ve got a first rate Sunday School course as well.

The only thing that sets it apart as being clearly based in Nutjob Hills is their dress code for members attending the three times a week formal meetings requires them to have an unwrapped sandwich and a opened non-carbonated beverage in a pocket or purse when they arrive at the meeting.

I think it’s got something to do with the three to four hour services but I’m not 100% certain.

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