Is not one that will come from the usual sources like Rob Zombie.  It’s not going to be another mindless Michael Myers or Jason wannabe, aimlessly hacking away at brain dead (and very promiscuous) teens.

Instead, I believe that it’s going to be something that is based on a movie trailer style video that was recently featured on an episode of Watching Bad Videos (so you don’t have to), a video series on youtube that works to find and spotlight some of the relatively few actual GOOD videos in the ocean of crap that is uploaded to youtube every day.

New Halloween Movie Trailer“, created by youtube personality HamEntertainment is about a serial killer that’s out for revenge over his having spent ten years in jail.  Using a variety of weapons he leaves a bloody trail of bodies in his quest.

Considering that this was made by a guy with a camcorder and some family and friends I think that he’s done remarkably well and given the encouragement to go ahead with it, he’s got the potential to make a really good low budget horror movie that people will be remembering for years.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out the video below and if you like it, be sure to click here and subscribe to HamEntertainment’s youtube channel and let him know that you agree this movie needs to be made.

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