There’s a saying around town that says sooner or later everyone in Nutjob Hills will end up going to Mr. Helpful.  What it doesn’t say is that it’s liable to happen several times.

You see Mr. Helpful’s would be apprentice, while he’s been pretty quiet for the last several months during what I think of as Mr. Pushy’s reign of terror, the thing is that apparently he’s come out of hiding.

I know this because this morning I got not one but three calls from people letting me know that he’s trying to sell them a new high tech natural fat burner, and then when they finally find out what he’s hawking it’s not some super expensive product from one of the many companies that he’s an affiliate for.  It’s a snowball.

Not only that, it’s a $79.95 snowball!  He’s apparently got a line of bull fifteen miles wide about how this snowball is actually the best new all natural way to burn fat there is.

The reason I’m stopping by Mr. Helpful’s place in a few minutes is to get him into the act and once again put the would be apprentice down and stop him from scamming people.  Mr. Helpful may come up with some downright odd things but I’ll give him credit where it’s due.  Not once has he tried to scam people out of money they couldn’t afford.  He actually does what he does because in his own way, he actually cares.

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