Scam Update

November 26th, 2010 | Posted in Nutjob Hills | Comments Off on Scam Update

Earlier today I was talking about how Mr. Helpful’s unwanted would be apprentice was trying to scam people into buying this hugely over priced snowball because he was trying (and succeeding at least twice!) to convince them that it was some kind of super duper natural fat burner.

As it turns out he was planning to be up to a lot more than that.  After talking with Mr. Helpful and bringing him up to speed on what I’d been told about this latest round of crap, we went to see the would be apprentice. 

When we arrived he showed us in without bothering to close his laptop first.  As we were talking I looked at the screen and saw that he was in the middle of writing some wrinkle cream reviews that extolled the virtues of his new snowball formula.  I asked him about it and after his attempt to talk his way around it we finally got the truth out of him.  He was basically taking a water soluble cream and putting bits of melted snow in them, mixing it in thoroughly and then stripping off the old labels so he could replace ’em with his own label.

We warned him about the legal consequences of selling false products like that, especially with the extravagant claims he was planning to make about it and left him to consider his position.

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