Shopping in a small town is nothing like doing so in even an average to smallish city.  In the city you are much more likely to have different stores for every type of thing that you buy.  You’ll go to one place for food, another for clothes, a third for housewares and still a fourth for auto parts and so on.

Here in the small town it’s usually quite a bit different.  When I go shopping for food and remember that I need to get a new pair of jeans or new footwear, the odds are good that I can do all of these at the same store.  In fact, I can even get ATV Accessories at the same place I go for a quick take out meal of double cheeseburgers when ATV’s are in season.  Another store combines the sale of things like washing machines, driers and refrigerators with everything you would find in a radio shack.  It’s an odd combination but it works just the same.

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