What is link popularity and why is it important?

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Simply put, link
literally is about how popular links to your pages are.
Google, Yahoo and other search engines all use a number of factors to
determine what web sites they show you in response to your search as
well as what order they’re listed in. Google for example, will take into
account the text in the Title tag of your page. Their software will also
analyze the text on your page to determine what it is about and which
words and phrases on that page best describe what it is about.

They’ll also examine the links on your page, the text around the link
and the text that makes up the link itself. If you had a site about
roses, and people put links to that site on their pages using the word
‘roses’ as the link text that would be a more valuable link than just a
link at the bottom of the page to ‘joe users page’.

If each of these links to your site was within text that is about roses
and related subject matter, that would also improve the value of the

If you had links from a couple of hundred (or better yet, a few
thousand) sites, all using the word ‘roses’ in the link text, with the
link within text that is about roses or related subject matter, this
would have a significant effect on your position in search engine
results pages when somebody used ‘roses’ as all or part of their search

It’s worth noting that the text that the link is surrounded by should be
unique text and not a series of duplicate articles posted on many sites.
Search engine algorigthms will penalize sites for an excess of
duplicate content.

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