Yeah, I was a bit puzzled by that one myself but it’s *apparently* true.  There’s a guy that showed up in town the other day.  He was eating in the Nutjob Hills diner and heard a couple talking about what they were going to get this guy they knew for Christmas.  They were pretty much stumped for ideas because he’s one of those guys that’s kinda hard to buy for.

He piped up with two words “click here“.  When they gave him the “who are you and why are you saying strange things like that” look, he elaborated by telling them that he’s the world’s only human web browser and that if they were looking for something all they had to do was ‘click here’ (he said while pointing at his forehead) and they would have plenty of suggestions.

In any other city in the world he would have simply been dismissed as a nut and ignored.  Here in Nutjob Hills however, strange things are commonplace and people around here are pretty much used to it.  One of them got up, walked over to him, looked at him hesitantly, he repeated ‘click here’ while pointing at his forehead again.  They ‘clicked’ on his forehead by tapping him with a finger.

Next thing you know he’s listing off a whole mess of gift ideas, where to get them and how much they cost with shipping.

He’s been pretty popular since then and the diner has enjoyed a boost in business as well from all the people coming in and waiting to use his services.

It’s things like this that have taught me not to wonder what will happen next around here.

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