So there was this huge party a few blocks over the other night.  It seems that “Miss Cookie”, as everybody calls her, finally achieved one of her many cookie jar collecting goals.  You see, she collects cookie jars the way some people collect stamps.  Her house is a veritable museum of just about every style, shape and size of cookie jar there is.

Just what was the big event you ask?  Well I was curious too since Miss Cookie isn’t exactly known for throwing parties, especially in her home.  Too much chance of breaking a valued collectible you see.  What I found out was that her collection of Personal Creations

cookie jars has finally been brought fully up to date.  This means that as of the date of the party, she had at least one (often two or more) of every personalized cookie jar they have.

Obviously this will change when new ones come out but that will never stop Miss Cookie, she’ll just continue on her quest to have at least one of every cookie jar ever made.

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