Well, he’s not really an architect, he just wants to be one really badly.  The thing is that he’s not interested in most forms of architecture.  He wants to specialize in the design of bathroom facilities.

Yeah, you read that right, bathroom facilities.  I’m not talking about rooms with one or more toilets for truck stops & such, he want’s to go all out in creating lavish bathroom designs for people that want to feel like they live in the lap of luxury even if the rest of their home is a dungeon.

His ‘design philosophy’, as he refers to it, is that every bathroom should be at least as large as the master bedroom and should contain no less than two soaking tubs in addition to all of the normal fixtures you would expect to find.  I’m not exactly sure why he insists on two of them though.  I, like most people, have always considered the bathroom to be a solitary place.  It’s Just not someplace that I would like to socialize, even in separate tubs.

Besides, I’ve always preferred a shower myself.

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