Actually, he doesn’t “Strike” so much as he just “happens” . . . constantly.  He’s the one person I’ve known that can (and has!) literally managed to get lost on his way to the bathroom in his own house.  He frequently has to try several doors before he opens the right one and finally ends up in the bathroom he was looking for.

Now, given that, here’s something really frightening.  He drives.  Every day. Of course, that isn’t nearly the disaster it used to be since his current vehicle is equipped with a built in car gps system that is voice capable and can give him step by step directions to anywhere he can program it for.

This thing has actually made it possible for him to arrive on time for the first time in his adult life and is also saving him a small fortune in gasoline that he used to waste driving all over the place trying to find his destination.

Now if he can get from the parking lot to inside the building he’ll be really doing good!

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