Now that I’ve actually achieved some significant success in losing weight I’m ready to start doing something to rev up that success and see if maybe I can get my weight below 270 by spring.

I know that might sound like a lot but really it isn’t.  From October to January I dropped 32 pounds and I see no reason why I can’t manage to drop 35 or 40 pounds between now and Spring.  I do however have one question that I’m going to have to research.  Specifically, what are the best diet pills for a diabetic who still isn’t in good enough shape for doing enough physical activity to get this task done the “right” way?

I’ve always hesitated to use things like this but I am dead serious about dropping the weight before it drops me and if a bit of ‘help’ like this will make it happen that much quicker then so be it.

Not only do I want to get my weight below 270 by Spring, I would really like to be able to actually jog a mile before Autumn.  I haven’t been able to do something like that in well over 20 years.

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