That’s Gonna Leave A Mark

January 18th, 2011 | Posted in Cool Videos, video, Visual Effects, youtube | Comments Off on That’s Gonna Leave A Mark

The guys at Film Riot have some cause to celebrate today.  It seems that one of their videos has passed the three million view mark!

Specifically, it’s the one titled “Learn FX Secrets From Exorcist and “From Hell” In which they show how to do a throat cutting effect that looks real enough that you’d expect the actor to have to buy a gallon or two of acne scar treatment to heal a really incredibly nasty and very very real looking wound.

They also show how to do an extremely realistic “Exorcist” style projectile vomiting effect without actually having your actors blow chunks for real.

In fact, here’s the episode itself which has 3,053,952 views as I write this.

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