Ok, a while back I talked about a local guy that was determined to come up with a acne treatment formula based on using a popular brand of sandwich spread as it’s main ingredient.

Well, he’s come quite a way in a little time.  He’s opened a shop selling not only his concoction but just about every other form of acne treatment known to modern man.  It’s actually becoming fairly popular with local teens.

Now, he’s taking things to the next step and is writing a book about his experiences.  This guy is like WAY serious.  He’s barely into the first chapter and he’s already bought a WireBind machine so that he can be his own publisher, binding and selling the books himself.  He’s planning to devote several chapters to his own struggle against acne, then cover his discovery concerning the sandwich spread and finally bring things up to date with the opening of his acne specialty shop.

Honestly, I can’t help thinking that he’d get a lot more exposure by having a regular publisher handle the book for him because it would be released nationwide with a lot less hassle on his part.

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