I am always looking for new ideas for my videos in my efforts to come up with things that will both attract new viewers and subscribers and also encourage more people to hit the “Like” button under the video on youtube.

Recently I got a suggestion from somebody that thought I should start doing some karaoke type videos in which I would sing popular songs to karaoke music tracks.

The first thing that came to mind is the obvious issue about copyrights.  That material is all copyrighted and it would take a boatload of time and even more money to get legal permission to use that material in my videos.

But that isn’t the biggest stopper on that idea.

Frankly, very few people have heard me sing and with good reason.  It’s not something that inspires people to want to hear more or subscribe.  In fact, it could well drive people away from my videos and that’s the last thing I need.

Not only that but it could also damage a lot of speakers and eardrums.  I’d really rather not be responsible for that either so I’ll be looking for other ideas and just skip the singing thing entirely.

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