Some people have all the luck. I know this because there’s quite a number of us that have little or none.  Take for example the guy a block over that decided to take his RV out today.  Bear in mind that just yesterday we got four inches of snow.  Also bear in mind that this guy is not experienced in driving in snow and slick conditions.

He starts out slow heading down the driveway.  All is fine until he realizes that he’s going too fast and tries to stop.  He slammed on the brakes and locked ’em up good.  Experienced snow drivers will tell you this is a mistake.

The RV continued it’s slide down the slight hill of the driveway, proceeded across the street and stopped when the front wheels landed in the ditch.  He got out looking surprised and shocked, mumbling something about hoping that his last rv insurance quote covered this kind of thing because now it’s gonna cost him a small fortune to get the thing pulled out of the ditch and back off the road into his yard.

I would say more about it but frankly I managed to get my Jeep into a similar situation in spite of my having plenty of experience driving in snow and slick conditions.  The main difference is that my vehicle isn’t blocking the street.  All I need is a tow truck to pull it back about 15 feet and I’ll be good to go which is going to be a fair sight cheaper than taking care of that RV.

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