The kid entrepreneur who’s been doing pretty well with selling the acne treatment he invented that’s based on a popular sandwich spread is worried.  Ok, he’s not extremely worried but he is concerned that he might have to deal with some competition.

Thinking to myself that this was something of a “Duh Moment”, I asked him what competition he was talking about.  therapores he answered.  He continued to explain that it’s got a lot of things in it and in fact, about the only thing it doesn’t have in it is his secret sandwich spread formula.

I then took some time to explain some facts of life to him.  That the simple fact is that there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of such products around for a very long time and that they’re all competition.  Besides, if there weren’t any competition could you possibly supply enough of your stuff to fill the world wide demand?

He didn’t answer but the look on his face was “OH!”.  I think he gets it now.

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