Why do I say that?  Because it’s true.  Most ‘people’ (and I use the term loosely) live in their own little world and haven’t got the slightest hint of a clue about the part of the socio-economic ladder under them.  Instead they, in their simplistic stupidity, simply assume that everybody in the world can do things just like they do.

A perfect example

Last night I wrote about a computer problem I am having.  I also posted about it on Facebook, hoping that somebody, anybody, would be able and willing to give me a clue about how to get it fixed.  I should have realized that I would be a 900 year old man swimming in anti wrinkle creams, trying to stave off eternal prune-ness before anybody would actually get what I’m saying long enough to have a useful, constructive answer.

Instead, one of the idiots I’m talking about that passes themselves off as a human being had this oh so wonderful suggestion:

Buy a MacBook

All I can say is that it’s a damned good thing that he didn’t say it to me in person because I think that I might well have given serious thought to going totally postal on the idiot.  However because this was on facebook, I decided to let him have it in words.  Here’s what I wrote to him in reply:

I *H*A*T*E* answers like that. They’re presumptuous in the extreme.

First, I wouldn’t buy an Apple computer for any reason, I hate Apple and Apple products with a passion. The last thing they made that I liked was the Apple ][e back in 1983.

Second, I cannot help thinking how wonderfully arrogant it is that people assume that I can just run out and buy another computer. I only WISH I had that kind of money!

In actual truth however, I have been fighting tooth and nail to keep from losing EVERYTHING since my wife died in Dec 2008 and I lost her half of the household income.

This is some kind of very odd software problem, not something that needs me to throw several hundred dollars that I DON’T EFFING HAVE at.

This problem is having a SERIOUS effect on my ability to earn the meager bit that I do to supplement the pittance that I get from social security disability. And no, I CAN’T just go out and get a regular job.

So no, I can not, would not if I could, just run out and “buy a macbook”.

While it’s not the same as tearing his head off and shitting down his neck, it was extremely satisfying to let him have it in words rather than blood.

It reminds me of my mother’s skill with what she called “The Posion Pen” and also that I know for a fact that I inherited that skill.  I think that I’m going to be writing a lot more “Poison Pen”.  If only because it feels really good telling people what I *REALLY* think.

Oh and Paul, If you decide to un-friend me over what I wrote, you go right ahead and knock yourself out.

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