This has been such a “wonderful” couple of days!  In fact, it’s been SO much fun that I’m about ready to scream.  On one side I’ve got people asking me where Fat Freddie got diet pills that work because of the hundred and fifty pounds that he’s lost in recent months.  Why they don’t just ask HIM I’ll never understand.

Then I’ve got this weird, really oddball problem with my cursor that is not only a total mystery that I have not been able to fix but it’s also making my life just that much more frustrating (as if I didn’t already have enough of that going on that I needed more!).

Then there’s the people that, well meaning as they might be, are driving me positively batshit because the completely refuse to GET what I’ve said about the problem.. specifically that coffee has NOTHING to do with it!  It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I say “NOT ONE DROP OF COFFEE GOT ANYWHERE NEAR THE KEYBOARD OR TOUCHPAD”, they simply refuse to hear it and persist in giving me advice as if that was the problem in spite of how many times I have said it is NOT the problem.

So, I get to spend valuable time trying to search for a solution to a problem that I’ve never even heard of before while at the same time I’ve got work to do.

Guess how much success I’ve had getting either done?

Farking little I’ll tell you that!

To make matters worse, the absolute critical to me deadline is less than four hours from now and after the night I’ve had I’m so tired I can barely see straight.  Yet there are still six tasks I need to get done and because of how tired I am, it’s taking longer and longer for each one.

Why can’t important things be simple? Once in a while at least?

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