I was at the Nutjob Hills location of America’s largest retailer doing a bit of shopping when, as I was in the checkout line, I heard the person behind me make a comment about an older guy in line who happened to be putting prenatal vitamins on the belt, saying something very rude and obnoxious about how unlikely it was that a guy his age could ever be involved with a woman in need of them.

I just had to say something.  I told him that he really shouldn’t make assumptions like that because things aren’t always what they look like.  In this particular case I happened to know that the man was buying those for himself because his doctor had advised him to take them because of the higher dose of iron in them.

Simply put, just because something is labeled a particular way does not mean that is the only use for it.  In this case, having “prenatal” on the label does not mean that anyone in need of a higher dose of iron supplement can’t take them.

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