What do you consider to be the first signs that Spring is near? Is it perhaps when people begin to wake up and realize that Punxsutawney Phil is and his ‘predictions’ are a full size load of crap?  Could it possibly be when you start to notice that it’s not quite as cold out and the weather isn’t quite so bad?

Do you think that a good indicator of Spring is the fact that road salt and various ice melter products are no longer featured prominently in stores?  If you’ve got high school age kids it might be when your daughters start browsing formal dresses for that upcoming prom that you are going to sit up all night worrying about until they return home safe and in one piece.

In any event, regardless of what that moronic groundhog is credited with saying, Spring is indeed close, in fact according to the calendar it starts right about the third week of March.

Hrm… I wonder.  Just when *IS* groundhog season anyway?  *cackle*

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