Your House Is About To Be Photographed

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This is one of those things that people will argue "what’s the harm?",
but I think if these people think they’re going to have an easy time of
this they’d better think again. While a lot of people won’t care (unless
they think about it for a few minutes), there are plenty of places where
you can reap serious consequences for even trying to take a picture
without first getting permission. This company is just asking for
trouble and they’ll probably find more than they know what to do with.

House Is About To Be Photographed

An anonymous reader writes "Photographers from a Canadian company
are going house to house, shooting pictures of every house in America,
in hopes of building a giant database that can be sold to banks,
insurance companies, and appraisal firms. While this activity is legal
(as long as the photographers don’t trespass on private property to
get their shots), there are obviously concerns about security and
privacy. Considering that an individual can be detained and questioned
by the FBI for photographing a bridge in this country, why should this
Canadian company get a free pass? Tinfoil hat aside, something seems
very, very fishy here." From the Arizona Star article about the
photographing of Tucson: "’The [handout given to people who complain]
made it sound like they’re doing it for law enforcement, when in
reality they’re doing it for sales and marketing,’ said [a City
Council aide], who received several calls about the company."

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