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March 19th, 2011 | Posted in Politics | 1 Comment

Picture a scene reminiscent of “The Apprentice” in which Donald Trump looks president Barack Obama square in the eyes and delivers his famous two-word catch phrase, “You’re Fired.”

Could it happen?

According to several news stories I’ve read today, he is expected to make the decision whether or not to run by next June.  If he does run, We’ll be seeing the phrase “Donald Trump for President” a lot between now and the November 2012 elections.  Personally I think that if “The Donald” should decide to run then he will most certainly win.

Donald Trump is a businessman.  He knows how to manage.  He knows how to see past the layer of bullshit that many people try to pass off as excuses for failure or why they refuse to do what’s right or what they’ve been told to do.

He has gained and lost his fortune several times and in so doing he’s learned what it takes to succeed.  More than that, he’s applied that knowledge and is arguably one of the most successful people in this country, if not the world.

His no nonsense approach to problems is something that this country needs in a president now more than ever.

Here’s a video of him being interviewed about his possible run for president recently on Good Morning America.

This video is Donald Trump talking from his office about his possible bid for the presidency.

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