Pace Says No Evidence Iran Arming Iraq

February 14th, 2007 | Posted in News, Politics | Comments Off on Pace Says No Evidence Iran Arming Iraq

Yesterday I talked about skeptics
doubting U.S. evidence, and a few days before that I jumped all over
a statment
by Robert Gates about the U.S. having proof of Iran’s involvement.

I didn’t like the fact that he made statements of proof and then follows
them up with "I think" and "There may be". There needed to be definite
statements. Now, we’ve got this General Pace saying that there’s no
evidence the Iranian government was involved, just that the weapons
themselves are of Iranian manufacture.

Why can’t all these people manage to agree on anything? Seems to me that
there’s a lot of people that have enough doubts about this mess now. If
the folks in charge want to save any face at all, i’d say that one of
the first things they need to do is get themselves all on the same page.
Some of this is starting to sound like pointless bickering and that’s
not going to get any good done for anyone.

Says No Evidence Iran Arming Iraq

Gen. Peter Pace Says No Evidence Iranian Government Giving Arms to
Iraqi Fighters


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