Bubba’s Problem

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Yes, here in Nutjob Hills we really do have people named “Bubba”.  In fact, we’ve got so many of them that it can sometimes be hard to be sure of which Bubba somebody is talking about.

This particular Bubba has a problem.  He’s been dateless and alone for quite a while and so far it doesn’t look like that’s about to change anytime soon.  recently in the Nutjob Hills diner he was saying that if he could afford it he’d even try one of those singles websites to see if he could connect with somebody that way.

No sooner did he say the words that Mr. Helpful, who had just come in while Bubba was talking, piped up to offer a solution.  (of course, how could he not?, he is “Mr. Helpful” after all.) He said that if money was a problem that Bubba ought to check out a free online dating sites instead of those things that cost thirty or forty dollars a month to join.  This way he could at least explore the options without having to invest money that, honestly, has been getting harder and harder to come by these days.

Bubba heard this and his expression brightened immediately.  Mr. Helpful of course had a list of sites to check out handy and gave it to Bubba.

It’s been three days now and nobody’s seen Bubba.  At the very least he’s obviously found something to hold his interest, whether it’s “true love” or not is yet to be seen.
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