Fat Freddie has, after a few glitches along the way, finally gotten in gear with Mr. Helpful’s latest variation on a diet & exercise plan and that’s great.  I was just thinking that now perhaps I can get some work done when Freddie comes in to my office.

I explained that I was actually quite busy trying to meet a deadline but He insisted that it wouldn’t kill me to take five minutes and see his new cissus quadrangularis. It took me another five minutes to explain to him that deadlines are important and that until I’ve completed everything that needs to be done *BEFORE* said deadline that there was *NO* available time for doing anything else.

Not only that, but his taking time to insist that I run right over and see his new houseplant, however rare and beautiful it might be, was not helping things at all.

Even after that he didn’t want to leave.  I finally had to tell him I’d come see his new plant when my work was done *IF* I met the deadline for all of it.  If on the other hand his interruption cost me a penalty for missing a deadline then I would never go anywhere near his precious plant unless I was wielding a weed eater.

He gulped and left immediately.

Maybe NOW I can get my work done in peace!

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