Over the last several months Fat Freddie has managed to lose nearly 200 pounds.  He’s managed this with (or perhaps in spite of) a lot of “help” from Mr. Helpful and his many systems and concoctions for weight loss.

Recently however, Freddie developed what may well be the single worst case of acne that I have ever heard of.  It’s so bad that even his zits have zits of their own.  Needless to say, Freddie’s focus has shifted from losing weight to learning all there is about how to remove pimples and prevent the scarring that often results from the more severe cases of acne like the one that he’s now suffering.

My theory about why it started up so suddenly and so severely is that he’s having some kind of severe allergic reaction.  Either to one of Mr. Helpful’s concoctions or perhaps to whatever was the result of combining two or more of them at the same time.

I’ve suggested that he stop using all of them, wait for the zits to clear up, then start back on the ones that work the best, adding things one at a time and waiting a week or so before adding another one to make sure the problem doesn’t return.

This way if the problem starts up again it will be easy to identify the culprit and stop using it immediately.

In the mean time, until his problem clears up, I will be avoiding pizza.  The resemblance is just too much and I do NOT want to ruin my enjoyment of pizza by seeing or thinking of Freddie’s face with zit’s upon zits…the so-called “pizza face”.

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