There’s this really cheesy thing that some people do that I’ve always thought was a huge cheat.  They buy “gifts” for someone such as their spouse or very young children that they know full well that the recipient either does not want or will simply never use.  Then they end up using it themselves “just to keep it from being wasted” or similar excuse.

For example I think that most people will agree that Call of Duty: Black Ops is something that will never make any sensible persons list of great baby gift ideas.  It just doesn’t fit in with the blankets, clothes and toys that would normally fill such a list however Joe Bob (or is is Bob Joe?  I keep confusing those two.) got that game for his newborn son.

His wife gave him a lot of grief about it and with good reason.  If he wanted the game he should have made arrangements to get it explicitly for himself instead of using that lame “buy it for the baby and use it himself” crap that he pulled.

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