I can honestly say that I never expected a game like Minecraft.  In today’s world of ultra-high resolution super slick graphics, you wouldn’t expect a game with graphics that look like something out of 8bit computer history to be anywhere near as successful OR as addicting as Minecraft is.

The player’s avatar isn’t exactly James Bond in a new suit of blac label clothing, instead our blocky looking hero starts out wearing a sort of blue green shirt and purple-ish pants.  Unless you make some armor and / or install a custom skin, that’s about as good as he gets.

This is what’s called a “sandbox” game, in which you acquire resources and then use those resources to make tools and then better tools that you use to get more resources.

You also make weapons that you need to fight off the assorted bad guys, one of which has a tendency to walk up to you when you’re not looking or paying attention and explode!

I got interested in it after seeing this video about it.

You see, the best thing about this game is that it is completely open ended.  There is no set “win” conditions.  You can explore an world that seems endless because of it’s sheer size, approximately eight times the size of Earth, or you can build just about anything you can imagine.

Want to build a super castle the size of a football stadium?  Want to build an entire city?  Explore underground networks of caves and hazards that seem to go on for miles?  All of this and far more is possible.

Shortly after I got it I began making my own minecraft videos.  Here’s the first in what I expect will be a long lived series.

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