Somebody once asked what kind of job I think that I am most suited for.  I thought about it for a while and replied that it would have to be one of those high level management jobs where I am directing a whole department on some project.

I say this because while it’s true that in my own real life existence I haven’t been doing very well financially (understatement of the year here!), in every game I’ve played that is based on the acquisition and management of resources and using those resources to accomplish a goal, I do pretty good.

One example is Minecraft.  In my first two days of playing the game I went from starting with absolutely nothing to having a decent shelter and an extensive (and growing!) underground facility that includes a mine that extends all the way to the bottom of the world.

The surface facility isn’t just a little shack either.  It’s a fairly good size base that, when it is finished, will be a stone and glass tower that will be visible from the maximum render distance in the game.

In this video I’m installing the floor for the 2nd above ground level.  A floor that I decided to make entirely out of glass that I smelted from the sand on what used to be a beach in front of my base.

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